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A quick exploration into how you treat money and how it treats you

When you think about money what emotion does it conjure up?

Do you get excited when you get money either in the form of a check when you do a withdrawal from your bank account, finding it on the street (yes I still do find quarters and dimes on the street), saving money when you use a coupon or get a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer? That is getting money along with rebates, refunds, discounts, and gifts.

We should be very thankful each and every time we receive money no matter how it arrived. When we recognize money has come in our presence and we are aware and thankful, the universe smiles and will continue to send us more and more. You may not have thought about this concept before I never did until I was told to thank the universe every time you have enough money to pay a bill…I thought that is an interesting idea but it does make sense and feels good when I do it.the next time when you get an unexpected check in the mail. a refund, discount or Yes even finding money on the street (if you pick it up) thank the universe.

There is a funny story I will disclose here for about two months recently I was finding quarters in the craziest places. On my desk at work, in my closet, under my dinner table, in my car, yes on the street also, when I was shopping and I concluded that the angels were letting me know they were there for me and it was my message from them to me. You probably are saying you dropped them there. I did not leave quarters on my desk at work nor on the street. So any conclusions are yours to make.

Let me ask you — What is you relationship with MONEY? Do you cherish it, hoard it, throw it around, save it, value it, a frightened of it, couldn’t care less about it? Or something else?

Money is whatever you want it to be, income, paycheck, investing, hoarding, thrifty, extravagant, humble, necessity, giving, gifting, life saving, frivolous or anything in between. You give it life and it goes and does what you decide it should do. It is only the energy you give it.

Actually you need money to have the good things in life or so it is said. The good things can be different for everyone. Money does make is easier to get things accomplished as you can get support, expertise and others to do the tasks at hand. Money can also help others. You can give to charities, start a foundation, help out in the community, start a business, go to the doctor of your choice, live where you desire, quit your job, bring smiles to others especially children. Money is said to be the “ root of all evil” but money is just energy much like everything else on this planet. So where you put the energy is where the money will go/flow. There is also enough money for everyone to live a good life; we just have not learned how to open those channels that will let the universe let it flow to us and those we love.

That is why we are thankful for every coin, bill, coupon, free coffee we receive you will get it back 10- fold in some form of currency it does not always have to be the normal currency the almighty Dollar.

Take a moment to write down how you think about money and how it thinks about you. You may get some great insight or you may get nothing.

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A penny for your thoughts.

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