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2 min readJul 6, 2020

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What drives you? Is it a new idea? the new passion? Is it the END GAME? TO SEE THE FINISH LINE? To feel a sense of accomplishment? Do you enjoy the adventure and intrigue involved in reaching a goal or project?

These are interesting things to ponder I would think. We are so busy rushing from one thing to the next do we even take time to acknowledge what we have accomplished; I think not. We are too busy beating ourselves up with all the stories we tell ourselves about how we failed and did not measure up.

Momentum is a good word it represents Action, Moving Forward, Looking Towards something, Creating and being our true self.

Photo by Benedikt Geyer on Unsplash

There is also momentum in how you think about your project or goal do you believe in your idea enough to see it thru. I was once told that any idea that comes to you was meant for you and you are selling yourself Short if you do not act on it. The idea may be something that could benefit a lot of people, places, and things.

However, self-doubt will try to creep in and you need to keep moving forward and say Thanks for Sharing I am on a mission to achieve this goal.

You will be surprised how good it feels when you do finally get it the FINISH line. I was writing an article earlier today and had so many issues come up but I stayed strong and determined, and I won over all the obstacles and it felt good.

Always remember you do not have to do it alone, momentum can be easier to accomplish when someone is there to support and cheer you on.

So here is to Momentum we need much more of it especially with all that is going on in the world today.

Stay tuned for more articles to come soon.

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