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The real story about TRUTH

What is the Truth about Truth

We talk about telling the TRUTH. We talk about being honest and open but what does that really mean?

Truth the ability to be open, honest, have integrity and let others know how you feel on any given topic or opinion.

Reveal yourself by being yourself when it is hard, uncomfortable, in sticky, situations with your boss, significant others and close friends.

Understand the pressure you are placing on yourself to always tell the truth even if you are a person with integrity and an overall good person.

Touch on the fact that we are human and much is expected of us today with so many rules and the we should do this and should not say that and do not forget we cannot HURT anyone’s feelings…common sense is out the window these day. We need to stop shoulding all over ourselves.

Trust your gut/intuition/inner knowing and you will be just fine. Sometimes it is not the time to tell the Whole Truth at the moment, there could be consequences or fallout you do not want.

However, it is a good practice to tell the Truth and not tell little white lies or make up facts this can only come back to Bite you later on.

If you are not sure how to proceed, it is better to retreat, spend some time going over the facts and then proceed with a plan with a cool head.

Help ask for help in ways to proceed with the information you may need to share with another person and find options on how to present it in a positive and loving way no matter how bad it may seem.

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Bonus Tip:

Try writing down the pros and cons of what you want/need to share. If may be easier to see your options on paper/computer rather than having them swirling around in your head landing no where.

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