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The purpose of this article ….

Adopting a new pet

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Steps you should take before bringing your new furry friend home.

Research the type of dog you desire

It may be important to know what kind of temperament they have shown to have, the size and weight the breed is know to grow to.

Does the breed like children, other dogs, cats, other pets also should be included (you don’t want your favorite bird, hamster or gerbil) to be someone else’s dinner now do we.

How much exercise is required of the breed. Some breeds need a lot of exercise to keep them fit and/or calmer in the home.

Are they hyper, jumpers, escape artists, diggers, excessive chewers of shoes, furniture, etc. Do they get excited easily with loud noises such as garbage trucks coming down the street, heavy winds blowing, loud car engines going up and down the street. I know this last group from personal experience with my dog.

How much does it cost annually to feed the particular breed, and what could the vet bills amount to if they become ill.

We tend to shy away from the last one because we think we don’t have to worry about that, we will feed them well and take very good care of them. Unfortunately I thought that and my beautiful Ebony, black lab/blue heeler developed bone cancer very rapidly and passed…



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