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There is the believe that stress is something we just Need to “Live With and deal with” as that is Just part of life. The truth of the matter is stress is not needed for us to function in our day to day lives.

We have been manipulated that we need to do three and four things at the same time, however, our brains were not built that way.

The truth is when we are multi-tasking, we are not in the “Present” moment, and we are thinking about what to pick up for dinner, will we have enough money to make our car payments, needing to drive the kids to soccer practice and so much more. When we are at rest, our mind is still working out how the new kitchen will look or what neighborhood that we want to move to next or will we have enough money for the month or praying that no one gets sick this month.

So here are the 5 Easy Tricks I promised you finally:

1. Be Present

That is only do one thing at a time, concentrate on what you are doing and nothing else. You will use less energy and probably get the task done sooner and better.

Minfulness/Present Practice:

Have a Picture of something that is pleasant like a place in nature, a picture of a loved one, your pet whatever and cement that image close enough in your mind that when needed you can bring that image right up to the front of your mind and use that as a focal point. Whenever you mind starts to wander, say thank you please take a back seat and immediately go to your image and it will refocus you to the task at hand.

You can call back your wandering mind later if your wish. Some people will say thanks for sharing go to the backseat, and I will be with you in 10 minutes so it does feel needed.

2. Write down all your thoughts

Journal Practice:

Each morning and/or evening put all your thought down on paper. It only takes a few minutes some people may only need 10 minutes. This is a dump of all the chatter you have had rolling around in your mind purge it by putting it down on paper, it frees your mind, lets it rest, reset and calms down your mind to a more peaceful mood.



Kathleen N Hoagland

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