Kathleen N Hoagland
4 min readJul 25, 2021


STOP…..looking everywhere for the answers….

I learned something very interesting just recently that if we keep waiting for an answer we are actually creating a block to the very thing we are desiring.

When you seek answers outside of yourself, you are disconnecting from source, and yourself and the disconnect causes a disruption in your whole being that leads to unrest, frustration, anger and confusion.

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You may show us the the way we look at the things differently such as:

. new ideas on how we dispose of our trash more efficiently all around the world;

. ways to stop the waste of vast amounts of food while so many people go hungry;

. share insight in ways we can stop money being poured into frivolous projects; while we ignore the needs of many and cater to the needs of the few loudest and most destructive.

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