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Your Answers Are Within You Not Social Media/Government/Church/Family

STOP…..looking everywhere for the answers….

Do you often ask others for guidance and still get nowhere?

I learned something very interesting just recently that if we keep waiting for an answer we are actually creating a block to the very thing we are desiring.

You will never feel satisfied because your inner knowing is waiting for you to ask and it is ready to give you all the support, love and knowledge that you need to feel satisfied, nurtured and whole.

I can totally connect with that statement below “no pun intended”. When we are wanting, worrying, frustrated, angry, etc. we are not in the Present moment and even if the answer did reveal itself we would not even know it because we are so wrapped up in the negative emotions we would totally miss the positive answer that could be right in front of us.

When you seek answers outside of yourself, you are disconnecting from source, and yourself and the disconnect causes a disruption in your whole being that leads to unrest, frustration, anger and confusion.

The time to seek guidance is for example when you are looking to learn a new skill such as painting with water colors this is when you would seek out someone and ask for guidance as they have experience and expertise in a skill that you desire to learn.

Teachers are very valuable and needed to show us the steps, techniques, tips and tricks to master an new skill, hobby or career.

However, you would not ask a plumber to teach you how to paint with water colors or a doctor on how to paint with water colors then why do we ask everyone we come into contact on what our gifts and purpose are? Your friends, family and others do not have any experience or expertise in that area and may even give you a hard time about you even questioning that topic.

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When you are looking for answers to such questions as what is my purpose, my passion, gifts, what am I good at, no one outside of you can answer such a personal question. Yes they can give you their opinion, everyone has one of those but they do not know why you are here on Earth, what your true gifts are, what you chose to come down to Earth and create, help out with or help to change .

You may show us the the way we look at the things differently such as:

. new ideas on how we dispose of our trash more efficiently all around the world;

. ways to stop the waste of vast amounts of food while so many people go hungry;

. share insight in ways we can stop money being poured into frivolous projects; while we ignore the needs of many and cater to the needs of the few loudest and most destructive.

You may be the one who will bring Great change to the world and mankind or just be someone that shares a Smile with everyone you come across and that could be the most needed change of all.

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One of the hardest things to do is stop worrying about being judged by others for what you believe in, want to follow, watch, or read about.

We spend so much time worrying about being judged, what others will say about us so that you can’t live your life to the fullest any longer. We are afraid of every move we make, thought we have or word we speak.

As long as you are not harming yourself or others this is suppose to be a Free Nation where you can make decisions and act upon them freely.

You have freedoms that protects: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government. This right is something many of us do not always remember or fight for; thus we let others control our outcomes. This is another reason why I state you need to go within for your answers.

Some people believe that it is ok to cross the fine that fine line where people do destructive things by destroying, defaming, blaming, claiming and ignoring the truth of what is to look good in others eyes.

You need to stand up for our right to speak out, write, talk, discuss and learn what gives us goose bumps with excitement as God, the Creator would not have given us the ideas if we were not suppose to act upon it.

Let us address further regarding going within to find your answers, you need to be able to spend quiet time with Yourself and not be “out there” letting others influence your thoughts or needing to be in the “spotlight” all the time.

Listen to your inner knowing and you will learn a lot. You will find yourself feeling calmer, feeling more joyful and insightful. You will find answers to questions you had not even thought to ask. Your inner knowing is just waiting for you to stop by and say Hi. Your confidence will blossom and so many new opportunities and adventures await you. You have come home to yourself.

I know you are on this Earth for a reason and it is up to you to discover that for yourself, not anyone else.

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