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You Are In Charge Of Your Health

Kathleen N Hoagland
3 min readMar 15, 2020


1.Doing deep breathing is a very effective way to begin to feel calm and more relaxed. If you feel you are not doing it right, you can sing, yell or scream at the top of your voice and get the almost the same benefit as deep breathing.

Using your voice clears out your lungs and is very healthy for your heart, lungs and also your mind. When you sing, yell or scream it is as effective as yoga breathing.

If you choose to do deep breathing you can do deep breathing at your desk, sitting at lunch, sitting in your car, standing in line, during a meeting, laying in bed or anywhere you are when you desire or need to be calmer.

2. Five to Ten Minute Check-Out Time

If you are stressed out, walk away and get away from the situation if possible. If the stress is internal, first do #1 the deep breathing or maybe in this case singing or screaming away from others.

The next important step is to create a place in the back of your mind, a pleasant memory where you feel safe, comfortable and at peace. This can be an event from your past, or something you create.

When you get stressed, immediately go to this safe place and know that you are perfect just the way you are and it will be alright.

3. Be Present

It is very important to Be Present which means to be aware of what is going on ‘in and around’ you at the present moment. Being in the Present moment blocks out any thoughts or feelings of what was or could be happening. This focus on being Present can help you to be calmer and can ultimately lead you to a healthier life both in mind and spirit.

4. No Guilt

STOP feeling guilty about events, actions, or any statements others may have said as these are more than likely causing you stress. You are doing nothing but setting yourself of for health issues.

5. Get Rest

It is imperative that you get 7–8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The best room to sleep in is a darkened room, keep the room at a cooler temperature, no EMP, electrical devices, comfortable pillow, blankets. It is good to not be on your phone, laptop or tv at least one hour before you retire for the night.

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